13:0014:50 (1 hr, 50 min)

Blanche Fury

This dark, brooding tale about inheritance and forbidden passion is set in a rambling English country home and stars an impressive Stewart Granger as a maverick estate manager. Granger is pitted against the best that British melodrama had to offer at the time, including Valerie Hobson in the title role, Maurice Denham and Michael Gough. The late 1940s saw many examples of this type of movie, set against a backdrop of tall iron gates, with stooped retainers and timely thunderstorms. It also has the benefit of an excellent screenplay and some taut direction from Marc Allÿýet. Yet it's the distinctive atmosphere that lingers in the memory.
  • Valerie Hobson (actor)
  • Stewart Granger (actor)
  • Walter Fitzgerald (actor)
  • Michael Gough (actor)
  • Maurice Denham (actor)
  • Sybilla Binder (actor)
  • Edward Lexy (actor)
  • Allan Jeayes (actor)
  • Suzanne Gibbs (actor)
  • Ernest Jay (actor)
  • George Woodbridge (actor)
  • Arthur Wontner (actor)
  • Amy Veness (actor)
  • M E Clifton-James (actor)
  • Marc Allÿýet (director)
14:5016:55 (2 hr, 5 min)

The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw

This is the first ever western shot in Spain, its standing set later used for Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy. The title role in this super spoof is played by British actor Kenneth More at his most diffident, and the director is the great Raoul Walsh, who films in the grand tradition of the genre. Fifties sex symbol Jayne Mansfield provides the love interest and there's a touching musical interlude in which she croons In the Valley of Love, dubbed by Connie Francis. The film's soundtrack is especially witty - check out that primitive car in Robert Morley's garage - and there's the added value of an entertaining Anglo-American supporting cast. Did you know that, with his roles in this film, Ramsbottom Rides Again and Carry On Cowboy, Sidney James appeared in all three British westerns?
  • Kenneth More (actor)
  • Jayne Mansfield (actor)
  • Henry Hull (actor)
  • William Campbell (actor)
  • Bruce Cabot (actor)
  • Robert Morley (actor)
  • Ronald Squire (actor)
  • David Horne (actor)
  • Eynon Evans (actor)
  • Reed De Rouen (actor)
  • Sidney James (actor)
  • Raoul Walsh (director)
16:5519:10 (2 hr, 15 min)

Heaven Can Wait

This witty satire masquerading as a 20th Century Fox family saga gets its title from the prologue in which the Devil (Laird Cregar) sits in judgement on Don Ameche in a gloriously Technicolored hell, from where Ameche reviews his life. This is as good as Ameche gets; not only is he perfectly cast, but also brilliantly directed by the comic genius Ernst Lubitsch, working in colour for the first time. The film has great warmth, charm and honesty, and grows on you until, at the end, you're sorry to leave. Gene Tierney has never looked lovelier - and that's really saying something - nor The Merry Widow been used more emotively. Each viewing confirms this film's growing status as a classic.
  • Gene Tierney (actor)
  • Don Ameche (actor)
  • Charles Coburn (actor)
  • Marjorie Main (actor)
  • Laird Cregar (actor)
  • Spring Byington (actor)
  • Allyn Joslyn (actor)
  • Eugene Pallette (actor)
  • Signe Hasso (actor)
  • Louis Calhern (actor)
  • Helen Reynolds (actor)
  • Aubrey Mather (actor)
  • Ernst Lubitsch (director)
19:1021:00 (1 hr, 50 min)

The Man Who Knew Too Little

As the parodic Hitchcock title suggests, this sweet-natured Bill Murray comedy is an entertaining throwback to the espionage thrillers of yesteryear. Murray plays a naive, slow-witted videostore clerk, who unwittingly becomes entangled in an assassination plot while visiting his brother (Peter Gallagher) in London, the inspired twist being that Murray thinks it's all part of a participatory drama group known as the "Theatre of Life". It's enjoyable to see the normally vitriolic comedian as an Inspector Clouseau-esque bumbling dimwit, even if the one-joke premise does eventually start to lose its lustre. There's great British comic support, too, from Alfred Molina as a Russian hitman and Richard Wilson as a corrupt government agent.
  • Bill Murray (actor)
  • Peter Gallagher (actor)
  • Joanne Whalley-Kilmer [Joanne Whalley] (actor)
  • Alfred Molina (actor)
  • Richard Wilson (3) (actor)
  • Geraldine James (actor)
  • John Standing (actor)
  • Anna Chancellor (actor)
  • John Thomson (actor)
  • Dexter Fletcher (actor)
  • J E Freeman (actor)
  • Maxwell Caulfield (actor)
  • Jon Amiel (director)
21:0023:20 (2 hr, 20 min)

The X-Files

The TV phenomenon of the 1990s makes an effortless transition to the big screen, and, while the plot remains firmly grounded in the themes of the series, the uninitiated should not feel put off, as this plays equally well as a classy conspiracy thriller. Here, intrepid FBI duo Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) investigate an explosion at a federal building and stumble across the biggest alien cover-up in the world's history. Director Rob Bowman (who has also worked on the series) is faithful to the show's paranoiac roots, but gleefully opens the action out to stage some spectacular set pieces. He is well served by his leads, and by the likes of Martin Landau, Armin Mueller-Stahl and John Neville.
  • David Duchovny (actor)
  • Gillian Anderson (actor)
  • John Neville (actor)
  • William B Davis (actor)
  • Martin Landau (actor)
  • Mitch Pileggi (actor)
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl (actor)
  • Dean Haglund (actor)
  • Tom Braidwood (actor)
  • Bruce Harwood (actor)
  • Rob Bowman (director)
23:2001:30 (2 hr, 10 min)

Blade II

Mexican genre maestro Guillermo del Toro (Cronos, Mimic) took over the directing duties for this episode in the Daywalker chronicles, based on the character from cult Marvel comic Tomb of Dracula. Pitching the moody half-vampire/half-human Blade (Wesley Snipes) as a sort of nocturnal James Bond with gadgets and gimmicks galore, the film's unrelenting action kicks in within seconds and never flags. This time Blade reluctantly joins forces with vampire overlord Damaskinos (Thomas Kretschmann) to wipe out the Reapers - a new breed of super-vampire unaffected by most traditional methods of eradication - who are cutting a swathe through both the human and undead communities in Prague. It's a fabulous-looking package, elegantly orchestrated by del Toro, who has an unerring eye for undead iconography, which he takes to visually imaginative extremes. While it has zero character substance and isn't remotely scary, Blade II at least unapologetically delivers the requisite amount of attitude, splatter and grisly shock-horror.
  • Wesley Snipes (actor)
  • Kris Kristofferson (actor)
  • Ron Perlman (actor)
  • Leonor Varela (actor)
  • Norman Reedus (actor)
  • Thomas Kretschmann (actor)
  • Luke Goss (actor)
  • Matthew Schulze [Matt Schulze] (actor)
  • Danny John-Jules (actor)
  • Donnie Yen (actor)
  • Karel Roden (actor)
  • Marit Velle Kile (actor)
  • Tony Curran (actor)
  • Guillermo del Toro (director)
01:3003:40 (2 hr, 10 min)

La Antena

The continuing strength of Argentinian cinema is demonstrated by Esteban Sapir's dazzlingly inventive fantasy. Pleasingly intricate and packed with stock heroes and villains, it's set in the "City without a Voice", whose population has been struck dumb by the TV broadcasts of the sinisterly omnipresent Alejandro Urdapilleta. Revelling in his devilry, Urdapilleta enlists medical sidekick Carlos Pineiro and rodent-like henchman Raÿýl Hochman to target unassuming inventor Rafael Ferro. He alone can save mystery singer Florencia Raggi and her eyeless son, and frustrate Urdapilleta's plan to steal the very words out of the citizenry's mouths. Drawing on the look and mood of such expressionist classics as Metropolis, this is a brilliant pastiche of silent screen style. Its inspired use of captions, superimposition, silhouette and studio-bound dÿýr even surpasses that of Guy Maddin's majestic 1992 melodrama Careful. A gem.
  • Alejandro Urdapilleta (actor)
  • Valeria Bertuccelli (actor)
  • Julieta Cardinali (actor)
  • Rafael Ferro (actor)
  • Raÿýl Hochman (actor)
  • Sol Moreno (actor)
  • Jonathan Sandor (actor)
  • Carlos Piÿýeiro (actor)
  • Florencia Raggi (actor)
  • Esteban Sapir (director)