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mttlbot, The MicroTurtle Robot Note 12 June 2009

Note added 2010-10-10: mttlbot has been superceded by mttlbot2.

Latest version:
Toby Inkster

mttlbot, The MicroTurtle Robot Instance


On FreeNode as mttlbot.

mttlbot Help


One of life's great questions.
.whois nick
Basic information about the holder of the supplied IRC nickname.
.whois <webid>
Basic information about the person with the supplied WebID. The webid must have rdf:type foaf:Person.

Graph management commands (angled brackets are optional):

List of all graphs that mttlbot knows about.
.drop <graph>
Drops a graph from mttlbot's quad store. (There are a handful of graphs that may not be dropped as mttlbot uses them for internal definitions.)
.load <graph>
Loads a graph into mttlbot's quad store. If the graph is already known, it will be reloaded. (There are a handful of graphs that may not be reloaded as mttlbot uses them for internal definitions.)
.sub <graph>
Like .load, but subscribes to the graph, reloading it every hour or so.
.unsub <graph>
Unsubscribe from a graph.


.define-function name query
Store a SPARQL query as a reusable function. (May use %s as placeholders for parameters.)
.do name [ param1 [ param2 [...] ] ]
Call a stored function.

Advanced commands:

.sparql query
Runs a SPARQL query.
.sparul update
Runs a SPARQL update.

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Ask for subversion access if you're interested in contributing.

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