Swignition Requirements

Swignition has been tested on Mac OS 10.4 and Mandriva Linux 2008. (There are some bugs in some recent versions of LibXSLT which cause crashes on Mac. You can fix this by disabling GRDDL support using the -o p_grddl=0 option.) It will probably work on Windows too.

Perl Modules

To run Swignition, you will need Perl 5.8 or above, plus a number of Perl modules installed. The modules marked with a dagger (†) are used not by Swignition's parsing library, but by "infrastructure" code such as the daemon — if you wish to use Swignition as a library only, then you do not need them.

  • Core Perl Modules:
    These modules are usually installed alongside Perl itself, so you probably don't need to install them separately.

    • CGI
    • CGI::Util
    • Carp
    • Cache::FileCache †
    • Digest::SHA1
    • Encode
    • Exporter
    • Getopt::Long †
    • POSIX
    • Pod::Usage †
    • Text::Wrap
  • LWP Modules:
    LWP (libwww-perl) is a collection of Web-related modules and is available at CPAN. I recommend installing the whole bundle, as they have complex interdependencies, but if you want to pick and choose, Swignition only directly uses the following.

    • HTTP::Date
    • HTTP::Headers
    • HTTP::Request
    • HTTP::Response
    • LWP::UserAgent
  • DateTime Modules:
    If you do not have these, they can be downloaded from CPAN. For convenience, the Bundle::DateTime::Complete bundle can be used to install virtually the whole DateTime framework, but DateTime::Format::Natural would still need to be installed separately.

    • DateTime
    • DateTime::Duration
    • DateTime::Format::Builder
    • DateTime::Format::Natural
    • DateTime::Format::Strptime
    • DateTime::Span
  • Other Modules:
    If you do not have these, they can be downloaded from CPAN, unless otherwise indicated.

    • Clone
    • HTML::Entities
    • HTML::Tagset
    • HTML::TreeBuilder
    • HTTP::Cache::Transparent †
    • JavaScript::SpiderMonkey (optional, for jsonGRDDL support)
    • JSON
    • MIME::Base64
    • Net::Server::PreFork †
    • Params::Validate
    • RDF::Redland
    • Roman
    • SocialGraph::NodeMapper (optional, from Google, for improved XFN and hCard support)
    • URI::URL
    • XML::LibXML
    • XML::LibXSLT
    • XML::XOXO