Projects: Contribute to Swignition

Swignition is an open source project, and contributions are always welcome. Some particular areas where help would be appreciated are:

  • Swignition on Windows: Swignition's written in Perl and should theoretically work on Windows, but very little testing has gone on in this area. It would be nice if someone could make sure it all works, and perhaps write an easy installer, so that people can use Swignition on Windows without being Perl gurus.

  • A Swignition GUI: There are all kinds of nifty ways of visualising RDF data. Swignition doesn't have any.

  • eRDF: Swignition does support eRDF, but the algorithm is pretty inefficient and not robustly tested. This area could use some help.

  • Logo: The Swignition logo isn't great. It would be nice to have one that incorporated a realistic spark. The Sorenson Spark is nice, as is this spark, but obviously neither can be used due to copyright. A nice Swignition logo incorporating a computer-generated or photographed spark would be appreciated.

  • Anything from the issues list.