GRDDL in Swignition

GRDDL is a W3C specification for linking from XHTML documents and XML data to "transformations", such that a transformation is a script or program that is able to translate the original document/data into RDF. Cognition has mostly complete support for GRDDL.

GRDDL is a fairly open-ended specification though, in that it does not limit what programming languages the transformation may be written in. The examples in the specification are given as XSLT, though the specification explicitly allows any language to be used for transformations.

Transformation Languages

Cognition includes support for the following languages as GRDDL transformations:

  • XSLT: Swignition includes support for XSLT1 using libxslt. Libxslt does not support XSLT2.

  • RDF-EASE: Swignition includes support for RDF-EASE, which is a simple CSS-like language, specifically designed for use within GRDDL.