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  • 0.1-alpha15: swignition-0.1-alpha15.tar.bz2 (2009-01-25)

    Renamed Cognition to Swignition; allow Swignition to be pointed directly at non-HTML files (including various RDF serialisations, RSS feeds and JSON); various GRDDL improvements, including support for RDF-EASE; improved recursive parse.

  • 0.1-alpha14: cognition-0.1-alpha14.tar.bz2 (2008-12-14)

    Ability to parse HTML from STDIN; integrate validation; refactored and improved namespace and CURIE handling; improved rel=meta support; approximate datetimes; better HTML 5 support; hRecipe support and RecipeBook XML export; integrated Google SocialGraph Node Mapper; less namespace squatting; HTTP in RDF vocab; Notation3 output and specialised JSON output for Microformats.

  • 0.1-alpha12: cognition-0.1-alpha12.tar.bz2 (2008-08-20)

    Tonnes and tonnes of bugfixes, little improvements, and refactoring, particularly in RDFa parsing and handling nested microformats. Turtle output; M3U output; intelligent parsing and output of durations and intervals.

  • 0.1-alpha11: cognition-0.1-alpha11.tar.bz2 (2008-07-24)

    Improved microformats parsing across the board. Add support for hAudio, hResume, hMeasure, species and XEN. Datetime parsing improvements.

  • 0.1-alpha10: cognition-0.1-alpha10.tar.bz2 (2008-06-27)

    Document structure parsing overhaul; improvements to rel=tag; better support for some RDF nuances like rdf:value and rdfs:subPropertyOf.

  • 0.1-alpha9: cognition-0.1-alpha9.tar.bz2 (2008-06-01)

    Switch to client/server model. Add support for hReview.

  • 0.1-alpha8: cognition-0.1-alpha8.tar.bz2 (2008-05-04)

    xFolk support; ICBM; OpenURL COinS.

  • 0.1-alpha7: cognition-0.1-alpha7.tar.bz2 (2008-04-21)

    hCard extensions using vCard 4.0; XFN support; jCard export; RDF/XML output is refactored; RDF/JSON export; improved @lang handling; BNodes.

  • 0.1-alpha6: cognition-0.1-alpha6.tar.bz2 (2008-03-29)

    Profile URIs; Support for hAtom; Improved GRDDL; Atom and iCalendar output; Improved stringification.

  • 0.1-alpha5: cognition-0.1-alpha5.tar.bz2 (2008-03-16)

    vCard export; KML export; improved command-line client; support commented-out RDF in (X)HTML.

  • 0.1-alpha4: cognition-0.1-alpha4.tar.bz2 (2008-03-07)

    Rudimentary GRDDL; better charset handling; better support for tag soup.

  • 0.1-alpha3: cognition-0.1-alpha3.tar.bz2 (2008-03-01)

    Use GNOME XML library; support for CURIEs; use RDF triples to internally represent data; RDFa support!

  • 0.1-alpha2.1: cognition-0.1-alpha2.1.txt (2008-02-21)


  • 0.1-alpha2: cognition-0.1-alpha2.txt (2008-02-20)

    Stop using XML::XPath; support for @xmlns; support hCalendar, rel=tag, rel=license, figure, XOXO; parse document structure from headings.

  • 0.1-alpha1: cognition-0.1-alpha1.txt (2008-02-15)

    Initial release.