Extensions to COinS in Swignition

Swignition implements a number of extensions to the OpenURL ContextObjects in Spans specification. These are documented in the interest of interoperability.

COinS Discovery

According to the COinS specification, an OpenURL ContextObject can be discovered in the following mark up:

<span class="Z3988" title="ContextObject"></span>

Swignition will additionally discover COinS in the following places:

<a rel="Z3988" href="Slug?ContextObject">Label</a>
<blockquote class="Z3988" cite="Slug?ContextObject">Quote</blockquote>
<q class="Z3988" cite="Slug?ContextObject">Quote</q>
<cite class="Z3988" title="ContextObject">Label</cite>

Note that the question marks in the URLs are not a misprint, and should be present. (The syntax of the <a> element is taken from an earlier draft of COinS, and the presence of the question mark in the <q> and <blockquote> URLs is carried over from that.)

The Label in the above examples is taken to be a label for the referenced resource (for example, its title). The Quote in the examples is taken to be a quote from the referenced resource. Slug is an additional string, included to make the URLs clickable (if need be), but with no semantic significance. It may be any string, including the empty string, but must not contain a question mark.