About Swignition

What is Swignition?

  • a Perl library for parsing files (what files?) into an RDF triple structure, and for outputting that data in a variety of serialisations and other formats (which formats?).

  • a TCP service that listens on port 26464 and uses the library to parse any URIs it's asked to.

  • a command-line client that acts as a simple interface for the TCP service (but calls the library directly if it detects that the service is not running).

  • a web interface (try it!) for the TCP service.

What's with the funny name?

Swignition used to be called Cognition, but there are already lots of things using that name — not surprising, given that it's a normal English word that can be found in the dictionary. So a change of name was needed.

Swignition combines the Semantic Web (sw) with ignition. The new name is not so far away from the old one, plus it's unique.