Portrait of Queen Victoria, 1843

A Partial Family Tree for Queen Victoria

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This page is intended to be a demonstration of Cognition's unique abilities to parse both RDFa and microformats and combine the information gleaned from both into meaningful data, which can be exported in various formats. It also demonstrates a practical example of marking up a genealogy using existing standards. One extension to hCard is used: dday.

Could this information be represented entirely using microformats, with no RDFa? Yes, but a separate page would need to be built for each person described due to limitations in XFN. RDFa provides the much needed ability to add semantic links from part of a page to another part of a page, thus allowing XFN links between different people represented on the same page.

Could this information be represented entirely using RDFa, with no microformats? Yes.

For simplicity sibling, cousin and grand-parent/child relationships are omitted. These can be figured out by following parent/child relationship links. (This family tree can be a bit confusing as people's titles and roles vary with time and with marriage. Names change on marriage and monarchs often adopt a regnal name upon inheriting their throne. Perhaps hResume could be used in an unconventional way to deal with these changes.)

Table of Contents

  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Prince Albert
  3. Victoria, Princess Royal
  4. King Edward VII
  5. Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse
  6. Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha
  7. Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
  8. Louise, Duchess of Argyll
  9. Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught
  10. Leopold, Duke of Albany
  11. Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg
  12. Alexandra of Denmark
  13. King George V
  14. Princess Mary of Teck
  15. King Edward VIII
  16. King George VI
  17. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon
  18. Queen Elizabeth II
  19. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  20. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall and Argyll
  21. Prince William of Wales

Rationale: Queen Victoria and her children are included, as are any of her descendants who came to the throne, and the spouses of any monarchs. Princes Charles and William of Wales are included, as it is expected that the throne will in time pass to each of them. Other descendants of Queen Victoria and their spouses are omitted from the table of contents for brevity, but are often included in the text of the page.


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Queen Victoria

Queen of the United Kingdom, Empress of India.

DBpedia.org: Victoria of the United Kingdom
Picture of a grand home.

Queen Victoria's summer home: Osborne House, Isle of Wight, Hampshire. (Photo by Toby Inkster, licensed under GNU Free Documentation Licence.)

Events in Queen Victoria's Life

Queen Victoria's Relationships

Prince Albert

Prince Consort.

DBpedia.org: Albert, Prince Consort

Events in Prince Albert's Life

Prince Albert's Relationships

Victoria (Adelaide Mary Louisa), Princess Royal

German Empress and Queen of Prussia.

Known to her family as “Vicky”, and later to the German people as “Empress Frederick” or “Kaiserin Friedrich”.

DBpedia.org: Victoria, Princess Royal

Events in Victoria's Life

Victoria's Relationships

King Edward VII

Born Albert Edward

King of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions and Emperor of India.

Popularly known as “Peacemaker” for his work fostering good relations between major European powers.

DBpedia.org: Edward VII of the United Kingdom

Events in King Edward VII's Life

King Edward VII's Relationships

Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse

DBpedia.org: Alice of the United Kingdom

Events in Alice's Life

Alice's Relationships

Alfred (Ernest Albert), Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

In 1868, Alfred survived an assassination attempt while picnicking on the beach in the Sydney suburb of Clontarf while in New South Wales. Alfred was ingloriously saved because the bullet struck him at a point where his India-rubber braces, holding his trousers up, crossed over. The bullet was deflected around his rib-cage and did no major harm.

DBpedia.org: Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

Events in Alfred's Life

Alfred's Relationships

Helena, Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein

DBpedia.org: Princess Helena of the United Kingdom

Events in Helena's Life

Helena's Relationships

Louise, Duchess of Argyll

She is regarded as the Queen's most beautiful daughter by both contemporary and modern biographers.

DBpedia.org: Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll

Events in Louise's Life

Louise's Relationships

Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught

Duke of Connaught and Strathearn and Earl of Sussex.

DBpedia.org: Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

Events in Arthur's Life

Arthur's Relationships

Leopold, Duke of Albany

Earl of Clarence and Baron Arklow.

Suffered haemophilia, which he eventually died of.

DBpedia.org: Leopold, Duke of Albany

Events in Leopold's Life

Leopold's Relationships

Beatrice, Princess Henry of Battenberg

Nicknamed "Baby" by Queen Victoria.

DBpedia.org: Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom

Events in Beatrice's Life

Beatrice's Relationships

Alexandra of Denmark

Full name Princess Alexandra Caroline Marie Charlotte Louise Julia of Denmark, but known as “Alix”. Later became Princess of Wales, and then Queen Consort of the United Kingdom and Empress of India.

DBpedia.org: Alexandra of Denmark

Events in Alexandra's Life

Alexandra's Relationships

King George V

DBpedia.org: George V of the United Kingdom

Events in George V's Life

George V's Relationships

Princess Mary of Teck

Known as "May" to her family, after her birth month.

DBpedia.org: Mary of Teck

Events in Mary's Life

Mary's Relationships

King Edward VIII

Edward VIII abdicated in favour of his brother after less than a year on the throne, as he was advised that the governments of some of his realms might not accept his choice of queen. George VI granted Edward the title of the Duke of Windsor.

DBpedia.org: Edward VIII of the United Kingdom

Events in Edward VIII's Life

Edward VIII's Relationships

King George VI

Known as "Bertie".

DBpedia.org: George VI of the United Kingdom

Events in George VI's Life

George VI's Relationships

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

DBpedia.org: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon

Events in Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's Life

Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's Relationships

Painting of a seated girl.

Portrait of Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth of York aged seven, in 1933, by Philip Alexius de Laszlo (Source: Wikipedia.)

Queen Elizabeth II

DBpedia.org: Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Events in Elizabeth II's Life

Elizabeth II's Relationships

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

DBpedia.org: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Events in Prince Philip's Life

Prince Philip's Relationships

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall & Argyll

DBpedia.org: Charles, Prince of Wales

Events in Prince Charles' Life

Prince Charles' Relationships

Prince William of Wales

DBpedia.org: Prince William of Wales

Events in Prince William's Life

Prince William's Relationships

  • Father: Prince Charles
  • Mother: Lady Diana Spencer
  • Date: Kate Middleton

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