HTML 4.01 Plus


This is an example page using the HTML 4.01 Plus DTD. HTML 4.01 Plus is the same as HTML 4.01 Strict, but with a few useful additions which (hopefully) won't break your page in existing browsers:

Note that xmlns: attributes are not allowed by this DTD — indeed DTDs in general cannot support XML namespaces. You will just need to ignore validator warnings with regard to namespace attributes.


<!DOCTYPE html
	PUBLIC "+//IDN HTML 4.01 Plus//EN" 


This change log is marked up using hCalendar and the <time> element.

Initial version of this page.

Add to document head profile list.

Updated the page to reflect some DTD additions:

The aim is to be a flavour of HTML roughly compatible with, but perhaps a slight superset of, the proposed XHTML 1.2 specification.

Changed public identifier to "+//IDN HTML 4.01 Plus//EN".

Added usage information.

Added Ruby [Ruby Annotation].

Included demonstration use of @implements.

Tightened ARIA validation by checking some enumerated attribute values.

Added xml:lang attribute.

Valid HTML 4.01 Plus!