rel-nofollow 1.0

This is an XMDP profile for rel-nofollow 1.0. For information about rel-nofollow, see the rel-nofollow page of the Microformats wiki.

Authors making use of rel-nofollow should include this profile in their document head. The permanent, canonical URI for this document is: http://purl.org/uF/rel-nofollow/1.0/. Other URIs for this document may not be permanent so must not be used.

An example of linking to this profile in HTML 4.0:

	<head profile="http://purl.org/uF/rel-nofollow/1.0/">

HTML4 definition of the 'rel' attribute. Here is an additional value.

Indicates that the referred resource was not necessarily linked to by the author of the page, and thus said reference should not afford the referred resource any additional weight or ranking by user agents.

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