geo 0.9

This is an XMDP profile for geo 0.9. For information about hCard, see the geo page of the Microformats wiki.

Authors making use of hCard should include this profile in their document head. The permanent, canonical URI for this document is: http://purl.org/uF/geo/0.9/. Other URIs for this document may not be permanent so must not be used.

An example of linking to this profile in HTML 4.0:

	<head profile="http://purl.org/uF/geo/0.9/">

HTML4 definition of the 'class' attribute. This meta data profile defines some 'class' attribute values (class names) and their meanings as suggested by a draft of "Hypertext Links in HTML". All values are defined according to the semantics defined in the hCard specification and thus in RFC 2426.

See section 3.4.2 of RFC 2426.
See "latitude" in section 3.4.2 of RFC 2426.
See "longitude" in section 3.4.2 of RFC 2426.